10 health and wellness books to read this year!

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Most of us, at some point in our lives, have felt unmotivated to go to work, we do not want to spend time with our loved ones and / or we have struggled to get out of bed to face the day. But if this is your reality continuously, and every day is a struggle, you could be suffering from depression. While for many this ends with a visit to the doctor and a prescription for antidepressants, new research shows that for women, it could be the pill that causes the problem.

Women are at increased risk of depression when they take the pill

in a new studyOne million Danish women between 15 and 34 years of age were tracked for a total of 13 years, one of the largest studies of its kind!

The researchers found that women taking combined oral contraceptives (estrogen and progestogen / or estrogen and progesterone for Australia) were 23% more likely to be diagnosed with depression. If you are taking the progestin-only pill, your risk increases to a 34% chance of being depressed. Tweet: The researchers found that women who took the pill were 23% more likely to be diagnosed with depression.

Adolescents are even more susceptible, with an 80% higher risk of depression when they take the combined pill, and double that risk with the progestin-only pill.

What happens with other alternatives?

Unfortunately, other hormone-based methods, such as the intrauterine / spiral system, the patch and the ring, increased the depression rates even higher than any of the oral contraceptives.

Mood swings are one of the main reasons why many women discontinue the use of the pill within the first year! However, only now we are finally seeing some clarity and evidence to confirm what many women experience.

What happens to the other risks?

One of the study's authors, Øjvind Lidegaard, professor of obstetrics and gynecology, also highlighted the risk of blood clots, especially with newer "improved" contraceptives, such as the ring and the patch.

Not to mention the Most common potential side effects even:

Headaches Nausea Weight gain Periods lost or spotted Libido in the libido Problems with the use of contact lenses Sensitivity in the breasts

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While many women have no side effects or take the pill as a way to control polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS), acne, severe or painful periods, endometriosis and other conditions, this new study highlights the importance of being truly aware of what one does. Put back in your body and the unexpected effects it may have on you.

If you feel you may be at risk for depression, whether you are taking the pill or not, we urge you to seek help from a trusted health professional first. For other natural ways you can handle depression, explore our articles here Y here.

If you know someone who might be depressed, share this article with them. It could change their lives forever.

What has been your experience with the pill?

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