10 essential oils for lichen sclerosus

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10 essential oils for lichen sclerosus

Lichen sclerosus is a chronic inflammatory condition that usually affects the skin of the vulva, the skin around the anus, and the foreskin of the penis. In addition, the disease can appear in the upper part of the body, the upper part of the arms and the breasts.

It is rare in men and boys, and is seen more frequently in postmenopausal women. The male / female ratio is approximately 6 to 1.

It is not known exactly how many women develop the disease. But, scientists believe that the number could be anywhere between 1 in 300 to 1 in 1,000 women.

Note: This disease is not due to infection, which means it is not contagious and can not be spread through skin-to-skin contact, including sexual intercourse.


LS does not cause skin cancer, but women who have it also have a slightly higher risk of vulvar cancer, a malignant and invasive growth in the outer portion of the female genitalia.

If your LS becomes squamous cell carcinomas, they may resemble red sores, lumps, or crusted areas.


This disease can be diagnosed clinically. based In the characteristic changes of the skin, however, in some cases, it may require a skin biopsy.


No treatment is safe to reverse the LS changes completely, however, the symptoms can usually be well controlled with a steroid application. The use of moisturizers may also be useful in controlling symptoms.

In addition, surgery can remove the scars that cover the entrance to the vagina, if they affect your ability to enjoy sex with penetration.

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Here are 10 essential oils for lichen sclerosus:

# 1 red clover Red clover

Red clover (scientific name – Trifolium pratense) is a wild, leguminous and perennial herb that is native to the prairies of western Asia, Europe and Africa.

Is essential oil It contains important vitamins for the skin, such as vitamin B-complex and vitamin A. It can be combined with other purifying herbs, such as burdock.

# 2 BeaverBeaver oil

Beaver essential oil It is produced from the seeds of the Ricinus communis plants that grow wild in the wastelands of tropical regions. It has vitamin E and omega-6 fatty acids that fight free radicals and hydrate your skin.

In addition, it can help improve autoimmune skin conditions. It usually cleans the skin of pathogenic bacteria and stops skin dryness and inflammation.

# 3 CalendulaCalendula

The essential oil of calendula is made of petals of the calendula (botanical name – Calendula Officinalis), a species of flower that is native to southern Europe.

This oil has sudorific, tonic, antispasmodic and emenagological properties, however, it is typically used for the treatment and care of the skin. In addition, it has traditionally been used to help accelerate wound healing and scar reduction, and it can also be used in ointments for bruises and burns.

In addition, calendula essential oil is an excellent addition to anti-aging formulas, as it helps keep skin young and healthy.

Coco # 4Coconut oil

It has many great benefits to help heal and moisturize the skin. It contains three fatty acids, including caprylic, capric and lauric acids, which have antimicrobial and disinfectant properties.

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Note: it melts on the skin as soon as it is applied, without leaving any kind of residue.

# 5 LemongrassThe lemon grass

Lemongrass is an herb that belongs to the Poaceae family of grasses. This oil is produced through the process of steam distillation of partially dried lemongrass leaves. It has a light and fresh smell of lemon.

The main constituents of this oil are citronellal, myrcene, nerol, geranyl acetate, nerol, geraniol, citral and limonene.

# 6 ComfreyComfrey

It is made of comfrey (botanical name – Symphytum officinale), a perennial herb of the Boraginaceae family with bell-shaped flowers. It is a popular source of allantoin, a natural compound known for its softening and moisturizing abilities.

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