10 delicious ways to eat cottage cheese

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If you have ever wondered what to eat with a country house cheeseIt may surprise you to know some of these tasty ways to eat. cottage cheese So that your healthy snack is a little more interesting.

Different ways to eat cottage cheese

There are many questions about what to eat with cabin cheese, and some of the answers include fruit, adding it in your pancakes, mixed with eggs, in the morning milkshakes, Big wave Y honey, nut Butter and as a tasty spread, among many others.


Perhaps the most popular way to eat cottage cheese, there are dozens of fruits that can be mixed with cottage cheese for an excellent snack, which includes peachesoranges grapes, strawberries, cranberries, pineapple, pears, pieces of melon or coba. [1] The mixture of sweet, tasty and bitter is a delight that is enjoyed all over the world.

Walnut butter

You can combine almond Butter or peanut butter With cottage cheese and stir well. This will make for a creamier spread on toast or raw vegetables.


You can add cottage cheese to your pancake batter, and although the flavor may be slightly different, they are equally delicious. More importantly, adding cottage cheese to your pancakes gives them a protein increase!


Breakfast Smoothies are growing in popularity, and cottage cheese is an excellent ingredient that can be poured. In place of the Greek yogurt or almond milk, use 1/2 cup of cottage cheese to add nutrients to your morning routine.Ways to eat cottage cheese


Some people enjoy preparing Scrambled eggs with cottage cheese. [2] Instead of crumbling some American cheese and waiting for it to melt in the eggs, add some cottage cheese, which will taste better, and also give you a concentrated dose of protein.

Salty propagation

Mixing cottage cheese with some of your favorites. spices or herbs can be a variety of flavors served with toast or crackers. Some of the best options include Garlic Salt, turmeric, chili flakes, oregano, dill or Rosemary, which can then be propagated in any number of things.

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If you are making a pasta with white sauce, or even a plate of red sauce, you can add a bit of cottage cheese to the finished product. The curds will become creamy and rich, improving the texture, flavor and cheese of your meal.

Granola and honey

Rather than adding Big wave, fruit and honey to yogurt, try mixing them with cottage cheese instead. [3] A particularly popular recipe includes whole grain granola and a splash of honey over a 1/2 cup cottage cheese cup.


If you are wondering what to eat with cottage cheese, look no further. Salmon or tuna. You can use a small amount of cottage cheese to spread or dip this type of fish, instead of tartar sauce or Mayonnaise.

Substitute of sour cream

If you are trying to control your weight, you can beat cottage cheese and add a little Of water to improve the texture. [4] At this point, it becomes a healthier form of sour cream and can be used in several meals as an ingredient or ingredient.

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