10 common things that I bet you do not know the real names of, right?

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There are so many things around the world that you speak, the names of many things are known, but there are many things in common I bet that do not know the real names of. Sometimes it becomes a problem while conversing about things that he knows he talks about, but he does not know how to recognize them. You just do not know how they are known. Usually, you feel confused about how to call or recognize them. Let's look at 10 common things, are you ready?

1. Fragrance of rain on dry land.

Like, you know the fragrance that comes when the rain hits the dry land, we all love it. But what exactly is the way we should recognize that smell? Is there a word in the vocabulary that defines how fascinating Fragrance of rain on dry land.?

smell of rain on dry land, petrichor

I knew you did not know … It's called Petrichor. Let's see if you know the next one, ready?

10 common things that I bet you do not know the real names of, right?
Reference: https://www.trendsnhealth.com/common-things-i-bet-you-dont-know-the-real-names/

Tags: rare, shocking facts, strange

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