10 common dental misconceptions

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Here are ten misconceptions that you probably had or still have at one time or another. It is time for you to fix things and compensate your dentist.

MYTH # 1: Whiter teeth means healthy teeth.

FACT: the color or shade of your teeth does not necessarily correlate with your state of health. Some of the factors that dentists base on the condition of their teeth are the presence of decay, the health of the gums and the health of the bones of the jaw. the top of your list.

MYTH # 2: Bleeding from the gums is normal. It happens to everyone!

FACT: Bleeding gums is a sign of gum disease, which means there's nothing normal about it. It just means that you have not visited your dentist for quite some time and that you have already accumulated a lot of calculation (hard deposits stuck in your teeth), which causes your gums to swell and bleed. Gum disease if left untreated can cause the loss of your teeth.

MYTH # 3: The brakes are for children and teenagers.

FACT: Correcting the alignment and problems in the bite at an early age is the best time. But that does not mean that adults also have no hope of achieving well-aligned teeth. There are several options today that can help you achieve more straight teeth, apart from traditional metal braces, all of which you can consult with your dentist.

MYTH # 4: I brush correctly, I do not need to floss.

FACT: Wrong. Brushing clears only 65% ​​of your teeth. What happens with the other 35%? These are the surfaces between the teeth that the brush can not reach (even if you use ultra-thin bristles). Only a dental floss can remove traces of food stuck in those areas. If you neglect dental floss (what you should do at least every night) you can cause cavities that you will not even notice because … yes, you guessed correctly … they form between your teeth and can only be detected by dental x-rays. .

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MYTH # 5: They are just milk teeth … it will be replaced anyway. It is not necessary for my son to see the dentist.

FACT: Milk teeth are as important as permanent teeth. Many parents are misinformed about this. Imagine that your child experiences a severe toothache just because he has not taken him to the dentist before. Cavities in baby teeth should be filled and restored before they cause toothache or infection. They also play an important role in guiding the erupting permanent teeth to the correct position. If a baby tooth is removed too soon (which could be due to severe caries), the space for the erupting permanent tooth is usually lost and causes misalignment.

MYTH # 6: Dentist = Pain

FACT: Many people are afraid of the dentist. Dental phobia is a common reason why patients do not keep their appointments. They always associate the dentist with someone who inflicts pain … a lot of that. Well, this is not true. Most routine dental procedures, such as peeling, polishing and dental fillings, can be performed without anesthesia. Although some may experience some sensitivity and discomfort, these procedures are often well tolerated.

MYTH # 7: Well-aligned teeth have only an aesthetic value.

FACT: A beautiful smile can increase a person's confidence at any stage of their life. But having straight teeth also means a good oral hygiene easier to maintain, which is a habit that we all want to develop at an early age. When there is an agglomeration of teeth, some surfaces (the superimposed parts) do not brush properly, which eventually causes gum disease and / or cavities. In addition, correcting a bad bite produces a uniform distribution of bite forces on all teeth, reducing the risk of trauma to the jaw joints compared to someone whose teeth are not properly occluded or not touched at all ( openbite). Obtaining an orthodontic evaluation from your dentist will determine if you have a malocclusion that needs correction.

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