10 best benefits and uses of Wintergreen

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While wintergreen It's a popular flavor for mints Y mouth rinses, is grass It has many other potential benefits for your overall health.

What is Wintergreen?

Wintergreen refers to a type of small American bush whose leaves remain green during the winter. American Wintergreen, which carries the scientific name. Gaultheria procumbens, is the most used species. Also known as teaberry, boxberry, checkerberry or deerberry, both of them The leaves and berries of this plant are edible. [1] This plant contains a chemical called methyl. salicylate, which has a mint flavor and is chemically very similar to aspirin. Native Americans used this hardy plant as a natural painkiller.


Due to its similarity to aspirin, Wintergreen and its essential oil have Many [2] Health benefits for the following:

Headaches and body aches Stomach pains Cold and flu symptoms Fever Arthritis and pain in the joints (rheumatism) Drop Menstrual cramps Digestive topics like gas (flatulence) Asthma Inflammation Skin irritation Kidney problems Joint and muscle pain Nerve pain Other aches and pains


Let's take a look at its multiple uses.

To release the methyl salicylate from the parts of this plant, it must be heated in warm water. Therefore, the leaves and berries of this plant are often used in herbs teas. The leaves are also used to make ointments and ointments. In addition, the essential oil of this plant can be extracted by steam distillation, or by soaking the leave in alcohol for a month or more [3]

Wintergreen vs. Spearmint

Although the flavors are similar to green mint They have some significant differences.

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Gender: Wintergreen is of the scientific genre. Gaultheria, While green mint It is a true mint, of the genre. Mentha. Origin: Wintergreen is native to North America, while spearmint is native to Europe and Asia. Berries: Wintergreen plants produce berries, mint does not. Benefits: Spearmint does not contain methyl salicylate and, therefore, does not have the same health benefits as Wintergreen.

Side effects

Although this plant has many impressive benefits, it can also cause several side effects, such as the following:

Swelling Irritation Urticaria Allergic reactions (especially in people allergic to aspirin)

Large doses can be toxic to adults, and even small doses can be toxic to children, so do not use them too much and do not give them to children. Finally, you should not use this herb if you're pregnant or breast-feeding, since it can have a negative impact.

10 best benefits and uses of Wintergreen, reference: https://www.organicfacts.net/wintergreen.html

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