10 Benefits of coconut milk for hair, skin and health

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10 Benefits of coconut milk for hair, skin and health

Coconuts are grown abundantly in South Asia, Malaysia and Polynesia. Although often confused by being a nut, a coconut is actually a drupe of a seed, a fruit consisting of an outer skin and a succulent and fleshy middle layer, with a hard, woody inner shell that encloses only one seed. In Sanskrit, the coconut palm is known as Kalpavriksha, which means the "tree that gives all that is necessary to live", since almost all its parts can be used, water, milk, meat, sugar and Oil. Even shells and leaves are used as materials in furniture and decoration.

Coconut cream and coconut milk are made in a way surprisingly similar to that of their dairy counterparts. The meat is grated and soaked in hot water, and the coconut cream rises to the top and can be removed. The remaining liquid is then squeezed through gauze to extract a white liquid that is coconut milk. When a fresh coconut is opened, the milky white substance that is filtered is natural coconut water, but when it is mixed with the coconut meat and filtered, the result is a thicker coconut "milk".

The coconuts are very nutritious, are full of fiber and are rich in vitamins C, E, B1, B3, B5 and B6, in addition to minerals, such as iron, selenium, sodium, calcium, magnesium and phosphorus. Unlike cow's milk, coconut milk does not contain lactose, so it can be used as a substitute for milk. It is a good option for anyone allergic to dairy and milk based on nuts or grains, plus it is vegan and good for plant-based eaters.

Given all that, it's not surprising that coconut milk can benefit you inside and out. We will discuss the benefits shortly, but first, here we explain how to create your own.

How to make coconut milk at home

There is nothing more delicious or nutritious than making your own coconut milk. Here is our favorite recipe for making your own coconut milk.

What do you need

8 oz. organic grated coconut without sugar 4 cups of hot water almost boiling Measuring cup Blender Walnut bag Bowl, medium Clean mason jars with lids.

How to do it

Put the shredded coconut in the blender. Pour the hot water over the coconut. Let this mixture stand for a few minutes. This will give the coconut time to soften. Mix the mixture at high speed until it looks milky. This usually takes a couple of minutes. Do not worry if you still see coconut flakes in the mix, this is fine. Place the bag of the nut on a medium bowl. Pour the mixture into the bag. Close the bag. Use both hands to gently squeeze the bag into the container. Continue pressing until you have removed as much milk as possible. Discard the coconut that is left in the bag or use a dehydrator to make coconut flour. Clean your mason jars well. Pour the milk into the jars and seal.

This milk will be kept for 4 days in the refrigerator or up to 3 months in the freezer. Simply leave a little space on the top before placing the lid on the jar if it is going to freeze. Keep in mind that the milk will separate when it freezes. Do not worry about this, it's normal. After the milk has thawed, shake it well before using it.

10 health and beauty benefits of coconut milk

1. Treat dry and damaged hair.

Coconut milk is an excellent moisturizer. It can be used to treat dry, damaged hair as well as to soothe an irritated and itchy scalp. Simply place a can of unsweetened coconut milk in your refrigerator overnight to harden it. In the morning, dry the hair in 3 to 5 sections, and then apply the section of coconut milk per section, from the roots to the tips of your hair. Place a shower cap on your hair and then let the mask sit for about 20 minutes. Then, rinse in the shower. This is an excellent treatment not only to restore dry and damaged hair, but also to repair split ends.

2. Prevent hair loss and stimulate hair growth.

Coconut milk contains all the essential nutrients necessary for healthy hair. It can even increase the follicles and promote hair growth. For this purpose, mix about a quarter cup of coconut milk with half a cup of water. For additional benefits, add a few drops of lavender essential oil, which not only provides a pleasant aroma, but improves blood circulation and can also prevent hair loss while promoting hair growth. Massage the mixture on your scalp and let it sit for about two hours. Afterwards, rinse well in the shower.

3. An untangler and hair conditioner.

Coconut milk is not only an excellent organic conditioner for hair that helps to soften hair, but also makes it thicker and longer, but acts as a natural detangling agent. You can simply rub part of the milk on the length of your hair while combing it to easily comb the tangles. Another option is to use it as a conditioner without rinsing. It will provide additional volume without leaving hair greasy. Add a small amount of coconut milk to the palm of your hand, and then rub your hands. Lean forward so that your hair flows to the floor and then rub the milk over your hair, working from the roots to the tips.

4. Prevent premature aging.

Coconut milk can also help improve the appearance and health of your skin. Being loaded with vitamin C, helps maintain the elasticity and flexibility of the skin, besides being rich in copper, also helps prevent age spots, flaccidity of the skin, and wrinkles. Use it as an ingredient in a face mask combining half a cup of coconut milk with one tablespoon of raw honey and five drops of cream. eucalyptus oil. Apply with a clean cotton pad on the face and any other area of ​​the skin where there are wrinkles. Let it sit for about 10 minutes and then rinse with warm water. It will help your skin stay hydrated and look younger.

5. Calming a sunburn

If you have damaged the sun or skin burned by the sun, simply apply a thin layer of fresh coconut milk to the affected area. The oil and fats in milk help restore moisture, reduce redness and relieve pain. You can use it at any time of the day, but be sure to apply it just before bedtime, leave it on overnight and rinse it in the morning.

6. Prevent acne

If you have acne-prone skin, use coconut milk as a cleanser. Their antibacterial properties It helps prevent outbreaks, but oil and fats in milk do not clog pores.

7. A general moisturizer for the skin.

You've probably heard about milk baths, and coconut milk is even more beneficial than traditional cow's milk because of its incredibly soothing properties. Add a cup of coconut milk to your bathroom while the water runs. You can also add half a cup of water of roses For additional benefits and a pleasant aroma. Soak in the bath for about 15 minutes to restore moisture on dry skin and leave it smooth as silk. You can also rub coconut milk directly on the skin to promote a healthier and brighter skin and combat dryness.

8. Support the health of the heart

Coconut milk is an excellent way to promote better overall health by consuming it, including improving heart health. That's because coconuts are one of the best sources of lauric acid, which provides antiviral and antibacterial properties, as well as being a healthy fatty acid that can improve cholesterol levels. A 2013 study found that participants who consumed coconut milk porridge five days a week for a period of eight weeks experienced a decrease in LDL ("bad") cholesterol levels and an increase in HDL (the "good" cholesterol). They concluded that the coconut fat in coconut milk is actually beneficial for overall cholesterol levels rather than causing a detrimental effect.

Coconut milk has also been found to help lower blood pressure and for free plate accumulation of the blood vessels, which further supports the health of the heart and even reduces the risk of a heart attack.

9. Weight loss.

Coconut milk is excellent for losing weight, as it helps to build muscles and reduce fat. After exercising, muscles need many nutrients, including those found in coconut milk such as potassium and magnesium, which help repair broken tissue and encourage it to strengthen again. Since coconut milk is high in healthy fats, it helps you feel more satisfied, fill it faster and avoid overeating. snack Throughout the day so you can also lose weight more easily.

10. Reduce inflammation

It is known that medium chain fatty acids, or MCT, in coconut milk help to reduce inflammation. Inflammation is associated with many types of health problems, including arthritisMuscle aches and joint pains, which means that adding coconut milk to your diet can help reduce swelling and pain.

3 homemade health and beauty products made with coconut oil

Coconut milk is soothing and nourishing. The good news is that it is healthy, not only for drinking, but also for use on the skin and hair. Here are 3 recipes to try.

Rich and creamy coconut milk shake

This shake tastes almost too good to be healthy, but it is. Enjoy a sweet treat at any time.

The ingredients

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4 ounces of coconut cream full of fat (frozen) 2 tablespoons of butter fed with grass 8 ounces of coconut milk 2 tablespoons of cocoa powder 2 tablespoons Collagen peptides fed with grass 1 tablespoon of raw honey ½ tablespoon of almond butter 1 frozen banana Pinch of sea salt

How to do it

Add all the ingredients to a blender. Mix until rich and creamy. Enjoy immediately

Exfoliating Scrub with Coconut Milk

Rub dead skin cells to reveal a new and smooth skin with this exfoliation with coconut milk.

The ingredients

1/2 cup of coconut milk ½ cup of turbinado sugar 1/2 tablespoon of organic coconut oil – heated

How to do it

Combine the coconut milk and sugar in a small bowl. Add the heated coconut oil. Apply on clean skin in a circular manner. Rinse and dry.

Tropical Leave In Hair Conditioner

Do you suffer from tangles every time you wash your hair? If so, this natural leave in the treatment will nourish your hair and allow you to brush it easily.

The ingredients

1/4 cup filtered water 1 tablespoon of coconut milk full of fat 10 drops lavender essential oil Small spray bottle

How to do it

Combine all the ingredients and beat well. Pour into a spray bottle. Spray on towel-dried hair and comb.

Reference: https://www.naturallivingideas.com/coconut-milk-benefits/, by Susan Patterson

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