10 amazing substitutes of escarole

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Escarole is a type of endive and a member of the chicory family. It has broad, bright green leaves that roll up and are often confused with a kind of lettuce. Of the endives, it is the least bitter and is a popular ingredient for many soups and pasta dishes because of its mild flavor and robustness. However, if you can not find escarole in your local supermarket, there are several other types of green leafy vegetables that you can choose for an excellent endive substitute.

Best substitute of escarole

There are many good endive substitutes, but matching the precise flavor profile can be difficult depending on the food you are preparing. Radicchio It is a great substitute for escarole for salads. You can also use other greens from chicory family like Spinach, Rúculacurly endive mustard green, and borage.


The radicchio is recognizable by its purple and white leaves. It seems I like it a little red cabbage, but the crunchy leaves have a slightly bitter taste that is similar to escarole, without being overwhelming. [1] This makes it an excellent substitute for any cold dish or salads.

Spinach leaves

Spinach leaves are a wonderful substitute for escarole. They are a good replacement for soups, stews and stews. The leaves lose their bitterness When cooked, but maintain a good texture. In addition, spinach is a superfood, full of vitamins Y minerals I like it potassiumB6 ironY vitamin K.

endive substitute


This leafy green can be much easier to find in the grocery store these days, thanks to the growing awareness of its impressive nutritional content. [2] Kale will be cooked in the same way as endive, but the leaves are larger and a little harder. Kale comes in some different types, but for the best substitute, use the kale in your recipe that requires escarole.

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Swiss chard has much wider leaves with a red stem compared to escarole. The flavor is also much more earthy and sweet than escarole, and the leaves take longer to cook. However, Swiss chard cooks until they get an excellent texture, and this is a good substitute for any dish in which endive is the star ingredient.


A sharp and bitter plant, frisee has delicate bright green leaves And sometimes it's called curly endive or chicory. [3] However, frisee leaves are more hairy and smaller than endive. They are mainly used for garnishes Or salads, although sometimes, they can be cooked.


Another sharp plant, this one has dark green, narrow leaves that have a hot spicy taste. It is usually prepared cold or lightly sautéed and can be found in salads, egg Dishes, and pasta. Rúcula It is best combined with strong flavors that can withstand bitterness like Garlic, lemonblue cheese, or beet.

Mustard leaves

Mustard greens have a mild peppery flavor and can easily imitate escarole, especially when you want a spicy bite. These leaves taste better when fried, sautéed or boiled.


The borage is a tasty one. grass which can be used in various soups and salads as Carrot Soup.

Romaine lettuce

Adding romaine lettuce in your salad if you can not find escarole is a great option. You can easily increase the nutritional Value of your dish

Beet greens

While you do your favorite vegetable Soup and you find that there is no escarole in your vegetable tray, the beet leaves can definitely help you.

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Other Substitutes

You can also be creative with other greens. vegetables like bok choy and dandelion vegetables.

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