10 amazing benefits of xylitol

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When people First reading The name of xylitol, the natural answer is to think that it is a highly processed chemical substance that may not be good for your health. [1] However, despite the somewhat misleading name, it is actually a very valuable tool to increase our overall health.

What is xylitol?

Xylitol is a sugar Substitute that it is much better for your body than the typical refined white sugar. It is often considered a "diabetic sweetener "and it's basically as sweet as sucrose, but it has 33% fewer calories. The reason why it is so important for diabetic patients is that it does not decompose and process easily in our bodies like normal sugars.carbohydrates. Table sugar generally has a glycemic index of around 100, while xylitol varies from 7 to 13. This means that the body can consume it without worrying constantly about the fluctuation of blood sugar levels. Xylitol belongs to the chemical group called "polyols", better known as sugar alcohols. Oddly enough, they are not sugar or alcohol, but their chemical structure resembles something in between.

Xylitol is obtained from the fibrous material of a series of fruits Y vegetables, as much as mushroomoat berries corn Shells, sugar cane, and birch. Xylitol can be created or extracted in several ways, including touching a birch tree to obtain birch sap, as well as allowing the chemical isolated to ferment xylose and extract a high yield of xylitol. the hydrogenation of xylose It also results in the conversion of the sugar aldehyde to a primary alcohol. [2] It was actually discovered in the 19th century by Chemicals in Germany and France., but it did not arrive in pure form until the 1930s. [3] In fact, it was used during the Second World War as a substitute for sugar for many troops. Nowadays, it can be found as a replacement sweetener in chewing gum, toothpaste, mouth rinses, and even some pharmaceutical drugs. The definition of xylitol as a "natural sweetener" is debated to some extent because, although it is derived from natural pulp sources, it must undergo a considerable chemical process before it can be used as a pure substitute for normal white sugar.

Nutritional value of xylitol

As a substitute for sugar, it does not contain vitamins or minerals. It contains carbohydrates, calories and a variety of organic compounds that affect the body. While for a long time it has been used simply as hyperglycemia– Safe sweetener, recent studies have revealed Many more important health benefits that can confer to the body. [4]

Health benefits of xylitol

The health benefits of xylitol include its ability to control glucose and insulin levels in the body, control diabetes, improve the health of the gums and teeth, prevent Eat excessively, help in weightloss Efforts, and promote sinus health among others.

Diabetes management

One of the more common The afflictions of modern life is diabetes. [5] Perhaps this is due to an increase in diets rich in fat around the world, or a rapid globalization. food, or the generally high-paced life that does not allow people to eat properly, but the problem persists. Therefore, any solution that can help control diabetes, which is an inability of the body to properly maintain insulin and glucose levels throughout the body, is very important. Xylitol is a form of sugar processed chemically, which means that the body can not break down carbohydrates into simple sugars and flood the blood With it, thus discarding the balance of insulin and glucose. This means that diabetic patients can consume it in all their normal foods without the fear of great dips or spikes in blood sugar levels. This is the oldest and most widely used application of xylitol, and has helped millions of diabetic patients around the world.

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Dental care

In a vein similar to antibacterial qualities explained above, xylitol has been shown be very good for oral health. [6] Some of the world's bacterial strains, like Streptococcus bacilli It can be neutralized by xylitol, preventing infections in the mouth. In addition, it has been found to reduce plaque, cavities and cavities. Numerous studies conducted around the world have shown that it is far best as a deterrent to tooth decay than the normal sugars that are often found in toothpaste. [7] Increase in normal sugars. acidity, which makes them counterproductive in mouth rinses and toothpaste, but xylitol is ideal for that purpose.

Antibacterial properties

One of the basic chemical applications of xylitol is as an alkalizing agent. It increases the alkalinity and decreases the acidity in the body and mouth. Alkalinity is not a good situation for bacteria because it can not grow in that condition. Therefore, it has been praised for a long time for its ability to eliminate bacterial infections and colonies of all kinds throughout the body.

Oral health

Xylitol has even been connected to a reduction in halitosis, which is an elegant word for "bad breath" [8] Halitosis is a bacterial infection that produces that bad smell that seems almost impossible to eliminate. Chewing gum based on xylitol is often recommended by doctors and dentists alike to recover their breath to its maximum freshness.

Help to lose weight

One of the side effects This is because it slows slightly the digestive process, mainly in terms of the time it takes for the stomach to empty. [9] This means that people who consume xylitol-based foods will feel full longer, similar to the effects you have after eating a high diet.fiber food. When your stomach is full, you are less likely to eat or overeat at a given meal, maintaining a healthy and balanced caloric intake and helping to help with any diet or effort to lose weight.

Decrease in ear infections

One of the most interesting effects of adding xylitol to your diet is its effect in Ear infections. [10] These usually affect children, but they are also known to affect adults as well. Xylitol has antiviral and the antibacterial effects, which are often the immune attackers that cause ear infections, but only 8 to 10 grams resulted in a 30% decrease in the prevalence of ear infections. Clearing those painful conditions for children and adults is a recent development in the legend of xylitol!

Better breast health

Many people have started to resort to Neti Pots to cure their sinus infections and terms in recent years. [11] It has these important antibacterial qualities, so adding a little bit of this replacement sweetener to your Neti recipe can accelerate the healing Process and keep your breasts clean.

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Mineral bone density

Although this is still a relatively new area of ​​xylitol research, some researchers in Canada have shown promise. results of xylitol increasing bone mineral density in various species. [12] Although tests and studies in humans are still in progress, the signs seem very promising for xylitol as a bone stimulant. This may be due to a higher rate of absorption of other minerals when combined with xylitol, but whatever the exact mechanism, improving the strength, durability and speed of healing of the bones is extremely valuable, especially as we age and begin to suffer common afflictions. I like it osteoporosis. Most likely, this effect is due to the alkalizing effect of xylitol; acidity in the body actually leeches calcium From the system, weakening the bones.

<img title = "xylitolinfo" class = "alignleft size-full wp-image-50243 lazy keep-away" src = "https://www.organicfacts.net/wp-content/uploads/xylitolinfo.jpg" alt = " xylitolinfo” height=”900″ width=”1200″>Improved digestion

Since xylitol is somewhat similar to dietary fiber in its basic function within the intestine, it has also been found to have side effects similar to dietary fiber. Xylitol is efficiently converted into short chains of fatty acids that increase intestinal function and efficiency, thus reducing stagnation in the digestive tract and reducing gastrointestinal conditions, including ulcers, constipation, Diarrhea, hemorrhoids, and even certain types of Cancer associated with the intestine. Xylitol also decreases the speed of the growth of Candida albicans, a very serious yeast infection, which is related to ulcers and cancer. [13] It also eliminates bacteria that may have collected in certain foods, such as H. pylori bacteria or other dangerous strains, and neutralizes them effectively before they can cause real harm.

Enhanced immune system

As mentioned above, the antibacterial and antiviral capacity of xylitol makes it an important weapon that fight against infections in various parts of the body, such as the sinuses, mouth, throat and stomach. [14] Provide a general increase to the immune system from top to bottom in your system, and increases the overall efficiency of your system by alkalizing it and providing the energy for other metabolic processes. [15] Finally, although the evidence has not been fully verified, early studies have shown that xylitol directly affects the amount of white blood cells in the body, which means that this sugar substitute directly increases the anti-infection power of our entire body. body.

Some words of caution: When something seems too good to be true, it usually is, and many people have tried to open holes in the xylitol trend. While some people suffered mild gastrointestinal disturbances after switching from normal sugar to xylitol, they usually do not last long and are rarely serious. The best way to avoid this situation is to introduce it to your system slowly, instead of suddenly replacing all your sugar intake with xylitol. Also, be sure to keep xylitol away from dogs, since it has been found to drastically lower your blood sugar levels to very dangerous levels. [16]

In addition to those few words of caution, enjoy the wide range of benefits offered by xylitol. You will not regret!

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