Nutrition for the elderly

Are the elderly in your life eating well? No matter how old you are, it is important to get the right amount of nutrients every day. However, the elderly are often at a greater risk of certain vitamin and mineral deficiencies due to a variety of factors, such as low activity, slow bodily functions, comparatively • Read More »

Ursolic acid can keep obesity away with the help of an apple

New research from the University of Iowa shows how apples can trigger weight loss and improve metabolic dysfunction. The study shows how a substance highly concentrated in the skin of apples, called Ursolic acid: It can stimulate metabolism and directly influence gene expression to help maintain optimal weight and health. Fighting obesity by increasing muscle • Read More »

Bulimia and how to treat it

Bulimia is classified as an eating disorder that falls into the "serious" category. Usually, people who suffer from bulimia overeat a large amount of food and then begin to purge it. One of the most common forms of purging is to vomit immediately after eating, but there are also people who take laxatives or diuretics • Read More »

What are the burns

Burns represents a serious condition in which a part of the body is affected by fire or any electrical object. Subsequently, a group of cells or tissues It is damaged and the result can be very painful. There are a variety of causes that form the basis of this health problem. Let's explore some of • Read More »

March FMTV Film Club: The Code of Abundance

Ginger is full of macro and micronutrients, fatty acids and amino acids. It is even classified as one of the healthiest spices in the world according to the The healthiest foods in the world. There are many reasons to incorporate ginger into our daily eating patterns. Not only does it provide a distinctive aroma and • Read More »

The 7 best natural sleeping aids

Using natural sleep Aids are something that everyone needs from time to time, especially if they struggle regularly to get a good night's sleep. What are natural sleeping aids? The natural aids to sleep are any food, grass or Lifestyle Change that can help improve your sleep patterns and provide a more restful sleep. While • Read More »

What are the best minerals and vitamins for oily skin problems?

Vitamins play an important role in protecting overall health and in keeping the skin clean and flawless. However, it is difficult to consume enough vitamins through the daily diet. As a result, the skin can suffer many problems and problems, such as acne, dryness and opacity. Dry skin needs vitamins. The same goes for oily • Read More »

3-day military diet plan to lose weight

Going on a military diet can be a quick way to lose weight in a short time if you do it in a healthy way! What is the Military Diet? The military diet is a challenge. calorie– Restriction diet that is used to achieve rapids. weightloss. This diet is divided into two phases within each • Read More »