Paralysis – understanding of causes, types, symptoms.

Paralysis can be quite scary, but understanding it will help you cope with its sudden onset and prevention. Liu Yan, one of the most important classical dancers in China, will perform at the opening ceremonies of the Olympic Games. During rehearsals, the only solo number of the program, a jump to a platform that did • Read More »

5 reasons to avoid sugar

Simple sugar is also known as monosaccharide, it is the basic unit of carbohydrates. The simplest forms of sugar are usually colorless and crystalline and exist in the form of glucose, fructose and galactose. Simple sugar is considered a major concern according to all health nutritionists. Here are five reasons why you should avoid them: • Read More »

The healing power of roses

The magnificent roses can be a blessing for the eyes and also a blessing for our health. Many people do not know that roses can be used as medicinal herbs. They can be used therapeutically to help people heal a wide range of health conditions. The rose petals contain 95% water and vitamin C, which • Read More »

Lipozene vs Hydroxycut – Side effects, ingredients, differences

Lipozeno It is a dietary supplement that is produced and sold by the Obesity Research Institute LLC. In 2005, this commission was fined $ 1.5 million by the Federal Trade Commission for misleading statements about the weight loss results of a similar supplement containing glucomannan. The ingredients The main ingredient of this weight loss supplement • Read More »

13 amazing uses of tea tree oil

The health benefits of tea tree or melaleuca essential oil can be attributed to its properties as a antibacterial, antimicrobial, antiseptic, antiviral, balsamic, healing, expectorant, fungicide, insecticide, stimulant and a sudorific substance. Table of Contents What is tea tree oil? Nutritional data of tea tree oil Watch video: 13 incredible benefits of tea tree oil • Read More »

Natural colon cleansing remedies you can do at home

The colon plays an important role in your body. It helps break down food that has not been processed in the small intestine. With that, solid waste is being eliminated from the body. If it does not work properly, the toxins are absorbed instead of eliminated. These harmful toxins can be eliminated through colon cleansing. • Read More »

Germs: Daily items with most bacteria

Swimming with bacteria The pools are fun for the kids and a great way to stay in shape. But, did you know that the pools really contain a lot of poop? A study by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) found that 70% of public pools, 66% of water parks and 49% of pools in • Read More »

Fact or myth: Are organic energy drinks safe?

This is a MYTH. Taking a sip of an organic energy drink made from exotic ingredients such as ginseng and acai seems to be a healthy alternative to taking a traditional energy drink laden with artificial colorants and sweeteners, be careful not to be fooled. Better does not mean healthy … not even sure! Organic • Read More »

Rose water for hair, skin and eyes – Benefits and recipe

Rose water is a natural product extracted from rose oil. This well-known ingredient has been used for a long time in the cosmetics and perfume industry, but it has also been included in medicines and food preparations. Rose water has been used since ancient times for its nutritional, medicinal and aromatic properties. Nowadays, studies have • Read More »